Facade of the Casa de las Conchas building in Salamanca, which is decorated with shell patterns

Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca, Spain

View on the Catedral Nueva in Salamanca brightly illuminated at night

Catedral Nueva, Salamanca, Spain

Converging train tracks and surrounding city lights seen from the top of the Shard building in London at night

Train tracks below The Shard, London, UK

A lone bicycle standing in the middle of a narrow wire-encased pedestrian highway crossing covered in snow and at night in Boston

Ride home, Boston, Massachusetts

View onto row of parked cars in front of a row of tilted San Francisco homes, perspective aligned with the road

Tilted perspective, San Francisco, California

Partial view of a pylon and the steel-wire structure of the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground, with the San Francisco bay and downtown in the far distance

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

A group of Harvard commencement attendees wearing newspapers on their heads as protection from the sun

Commencement in Harvard Yard, class of 2016

The Charles River Basin at night, reflecting colorful lights from a floating dock nearby and from the Boston skyline in the distance

Reflections of the Boston skyline in the Charles River Basin

A snowy winter scene at night, looking across the Charles River and the Weeks Bridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Snowfall at Weeks Bridge, Cambridge, Massachusetts

A large balcony with multiple tables and chairs all covered in snow, viewed at Whitehead Institute in Cambridge

Snowfall in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Long exposure night image of buildings and their water reflections in the historic Speicherstadt in Hamburg

Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany

Long exposure night image of part of the Hamburg Harbor showing multiple container ships and cranes

Hamburg Harbour, Germany

Long exposure night image looking down onto the Zakim bridge in Boston, showing smooth light trails from passing cars

Zakim Bridge and TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

Long exposure night image of the Boston financial district and its smooth reflections in the water

Financial District and Waterfront, Boston, Massachusetts

Long exposure night image of part of the lower Manhattan skyline viewed from across the Hudson River, the One World Trade Center dominates the frame

Lower Manhattan skyline, New York

View from the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path onto one its concrete pylons in the center and steel wires left and right

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Long exposure night image of Plaza de España in Barcelona, view from a high angle, showing light trails from cars driving around a large roundabout, Palacio Nacional is visible in the distance

Plaza de España, Barcelona, Spain

Long exposure night image of passing cars on a road in Barcelona, showing long red and white light trails

Passeig de Colom, Barcelona, Spain

Night image looking up the building facade from the viewing platform of the Shard in London showing utilities and the repetitive patterns of the Shard spire

The Shard, London, UK

Night image of illuminated Chinese lanterns hanging from trees outside the Montreal botanical garden

Lanterns, Botanical Garden of Montreal, Canada